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Accelerating World-Changing Research

UCI pioneered an interdisciplinary approach like no other, and our model of extreme collaboration puts us ahead of the curve. Our researchers are working on what matters to all of us: saving the planet; securing data privacy; solving mysteries of the brain; living longer, happier lives; and making our region one of the most prosperous, global innovation hubs.


Leveraging the strength of the entirety of UCI’s academic enterprise, we continue to redefine how new medical breakthroughs are discovered; how personalized, compassionate healthcare is taught; how patients are treated; and how communities are empowered for mental and physical health.

Making a Local Impact

Through a multitude of public service projects, arts programs, off-campus lectures, legal aid initiatives, wellness clinics, youth outreach efforts and community partnerships – to name but a few – UCI demonstrates its commitment to engaging with and improving the surrounding community.

Advancing the American Dream

At UCI we make a world-class education available to all talented, hardworking students, regardless of background. In so doing, we remind the country that great universities can reinvigorate the American dream by becoming the most powerful engines of social mobility ever created.

Exploring the Human Experience

From illuminating the human experience in all its diversity to the evolution of artificial intelligence and machine learning through human narratives and knowledge, UCI is deepening the world’s understanding of what it means to be human.