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Returning to campus: Students

Returning to campus: students

Returning to campus: units

Returning to campus: units

Returning to campus: employees

Returning to campus: employees

Frequently Asked Questions


New building etiquette

New building etiquette

Preventative measures

Preventative measures

Podcasts and videos

Podcasts and videos

Downloadable creative assets

Downloadable creative assets

How to return to the workplace

All returns to the workplace must be preapproved

UCI has announced that the fall quarter will be nearly all remote instruction, and faculty and staff should expect to continue working remotely through January 4, 2021. While remote learning, teaching and working remains the default in the near term, the Campus Recovery Implementation Team (CRIT) has developed the procedures needed for any employee to return to campus. While we are requiring training, checking in on the daily symptom check app, and risks assessments, completion of these steps does not mean that you should be coming back to campus.

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How does one get approval to return to campus?

step 1

If a unit leader determines that an employee’s job duties or a group of employees' job duties require on-site engagement, the unit leader or dean must clearly identify what activities these are, and submit a unit plan to the Campus Recovery Implementation Team (CRIT).

step 2

The CRIT Team will review and the Return Plan Review Committee will approve, or ask additional questions to ensure we are only returning staff to campus who really need to be on-site.

step 3

CRIT will notify units whether or not they are approved to return to campus. Employees will be notified by their unit leader or dean when they are approved to return to work on campus.

If you are a department head and have questions about how to safely return your unit to campus, please visit the Returning to campus: units page or email the Campus Recovery Implementation Team at crit@uci.edu.

Additionally, with the understanding that spikes or outbreaks of new COVID-19 infections could occur, all operations will be ready to retreat to conservative phases if safety concerns arise.

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Working Wellâ„¢

All UCI employees are expected to complete the symptom self-assessment

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Air Quality (HVAC)

Common questions regarding air quality in UCI facilities related to COVID-19

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UCI in Action

See how UCI and UCI Health experts are leading the way to protect our community

Learn more about how UCI is taking action

How can I support UCI?

Many have asked, “How can I support UCI?” as we navigate this uncertain time. The best way is to support the UCI Emergency Response Fund, which provides the university with the flexibility to respond to the most pressing and emerging needs.

Case counts

In mid-March, UCI moved the university community comprising upwards of 50,000 students, faculty and staff off campus to remote learning and work environments, with only essential employees remaining on site. The below represents the cumulative positive COVID-19 case counts reported within the UCI community—those who are enrolled and/or employed at UCI, or reside in student, family or graduate housing. The recovery counts represent positive cases that have been clinically cleared by a physician.

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Report a Campus COVID-19 Case

In accordance with health privacy laws, we cannot disclose the identity or personal information of those affected. We are in coordination with the Orange County Health Care Agency and connecting with those who may have been exposed through contact. Numbers fluctuate day-by-day due to changes in patient condition(s). Data are gathered daily at one point in time.
Positive casesRecovered
Employees 74 73
Students 61 50

UCI Coronavirus special report

UCI coronavirus special report

Ansering the call

Read how UCI responded and adapted to the historic COVID-19 pandemic