University of California, Irvine

Instructions for the Working Well Daily™ Symptom Check Application

About the application

The information contained in this document is current as of June 5, 2020, and is subject to change.

As we carefully and systematically begin our planning to bring some employees back to campus, it is important that employees designated to work on-site take precautionary measures to help keep themselves and others well. One such measure is a daily symptom check.

State and county guidelines, in addition to the UC Regents Principles and the UC Consensus Standards, advise that employees should assess themselves each day PRIOR to entering any University workspace or facility. To assist employees in their daily assessment, the UCI Working Well™ Daily Symptom Check application has been developed as part of the new Working Well™ program. 

Information regarding the Working Well™ program will be forthcoming in the next several weeks. The program seeks to provide employees with guidance and resources as more of us begin returning to work on-site.

Who Should Use the Symptom Check Application

All UCI employees, which includes faculty and staff, are expected to complete the symptom self-assessment and respond within the application every day during their regularly scheduled workweek.

So that you are aware, UCI Health employees are using a separate screening protocol. For specific information for UCI Health employees, please contact your UCI Health human resources business partner.

Description of the Application

The Working Well™ Daily Symptom Check application has been developed by third party vendor ServiceNow® for use by UCI and other companies. UCI’s version of the application has been tailored to our particular audience and needs. The application sends an email to all employees active within the application on a daily basis, Monday – Sunday. Employees may choose, at their option, to use the Now® Mobile application either in conjunction with or in lieu of responding to the daily email. If an employee chooses to use the mobile app, they should simply delete the email. There is no way for UCI to cancel distribution of emails to certain activated employees at this time, although the request to do so has been submitted to ServiceNow.

User Choices in Respose to the Application Prompt

Each day, employees will be asked to self-assess whether they are currently experiencing any of the following symptoms:

  • Fever (99F+)
  • Chills
  • Muscle aches
  • Cough (new)
  • Shortness of breath (new)
  • Unexpected fatigue
  • Sore throat
  • Loss of taste or smell
  • Headache
  • Diarrhea, vomiting, or nausea
  • Other cold symptoms

Employees should not answer ‘yes’ if their symptoms are a result of chronic condition(s) or frequent condition(s) routinely managed by the employee.

  1. Not Working On-Site
    This option should be used by employees who are telecommuting, are on leave, have approved vacation, have called in sick, or who are otherwise not intending to work on-site that day.
  2. No Symptoms
    This option should be used by employees who are intending to work on-site, but who have self-assessed and have determined that they are not experiencing any of the symptoms listed.
  3. Yes – Exhibiting Symptoms
    This option should be used by employees who are experiencing one or more of the symptoms listed. By answering ‘yes’, an employee is NOT indicating anything other than that they are experiencing a symptom. It does not mean that the employee has or does not have COVID-19 or any other possible illness.

If an employee answers ‘yes’, they are directed to stay home and to call UCI’s Center for Occupational and Environmental Health (COEH). UCI has arranged for COEH medical professionals to speak with any employee exhibiting one or more symptoms to help assess whether further medical intervention is advised. In some cases, COEH may inform the employee that they may proceed to work on-site. COEH contact information is provided within the application.

Reporting a COVID-19 Case

There are three ways to report a positive COVID-19 case:

  • Report the case to your supervisor or equivalent
  • Report the case to the UCI Coronavirus Response Center at 949.824.9918 or
  • Report the case to the Center for Occupational and Environmental Health at 949.824.8685 or (Mon. – Fri. 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.)

Application Data Management

The data collected from the Working Well™ Daily Symptom Check application is stored for five (5) days, then it is permanently deleted.

Access to the Data

Access to the application data is restricted to a small number of UCI central Human Resources (HR) professionals and UCI Office of Information and Technology (OIT) employees specifically involved in supporting the Working Well™ Daily Symptom Check application. Leaders, managers, supervisors, other HR professionals, and other OIT employees do not have access to the application data. Should this change, you will be notified of the change in advance via email.


The data collected includes the individual respondent’s name and response selected by day (symptoms, no symptoms, or not working on-site). No personal health information is collected. 

Reporting Concerns

If employees have concerns regarding the utilization of this application, they should contact their supervisor or equivalent, dean or vice chancellor, and/or academic personnel or human resources, as appropriate.

How the Application Works

Employees are expected to complete this symptom check every day. There are three ways to check-in.

  1. Respond to the Email
    Every employee will receive a daily email. If you check-in using the smartphone app, you can simply delete the email. At this time, there is no way for us to change the fact that every employee who is activated in the system will receive a daily email.
  2. Smartphone App
    Download the check-in app for Apple or Android from your app store. Search ‘Now Mobile’. The email and the app work exactly in the same manner, so the method of interaction is based on employee preference. If you would prefer to use the app, look for:
    Now Mobile
    Once in the Now Mobile app you will be prompted for UCI’s instance and nickname:
    • Instance URL: (all lower case)
    • Nickname: Production
  3. Call the EEC
    If you do not receive the email, and you are unable to use the smartphone app, you must call the EEC at 949.824.9918 and answer the check-in questions online.

Please send any questions to the UCI Coronavirus Response Center via email at or call 949.824.0500 (Mon. – Fri. 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.)