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Changes to UCI Dining

Section 1

March 6, 2020

Dear Middle Earth and Mesa Court Residents,

Among the proactive measures taken on campus to safeguard student health, UCI Dining has made a few changes that will reduce risk factors for contagion of coronavirus and other seasonal viruses. For example, you may notice in The Anteatery and Brandywine dining commons that self-serve stations, such as the salad bar, are now staffed with servers. There will also be two To-Go programs available for residents who prefer to eat their meals in their rooms or halls. And we will be increasing the frequency with which customer-facing areas such as dining tables, door handles, and food counters are wiped down.  There are no reported cases of corornavirus at UC Irvine, and our hope is that these preventive measures will reduce student concerns about potential exposure in group facilities. 

Peter’s To-Go Meals

Residents may pick up a to-go boxed meal at the cashier station at the Anteatery or Brandywine during breakfast, lunch, and dinner for one meal swipe per to-go boxed meal. Each boxed meal will include a protein, vegetable, starch, dessert, fruit and a drink. Vegetarian and Vegan entrees will be available upon request. Peter’s To-Go Meals may not be for dine-in. 

Reusable To-Go Container and Cup Program

Residents may visit the Anteatery or Brandywine and ask for a reusable to-go container and/or cup. For one meal swipe, residents can fill their reusable to go container with any items being served in our dining facilities to later enjoy in their rooms or halls. They can then return the dirty container or cup for a clean one or request a rain check card for future use. This reusable to-go program may not be for dine-in.

In addition to the to-go programs, Dining has also made a few other changes to the stations to help prevent the spread of viruses.

  1. The Dining staff will be serving food at previous self-serve station to minimize the touching of tongs, serving spoons and ladles. Reusable cups and utensils will be provided at the cashier and food stations. Guests will be given a cup and utensils at the cashier station after they swipe in. Gloves will also be available upon request.
  2. Signage will be posted at previous self-serve stations and throughout the dining facilities with these changes.
  3. Dining staff will wipe down customer facing areas such as dining tables, door handles, food counters, sneeze guards, condiment bottles, etc. more frequently in all dining facilities. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time. Please direct any questions to our food services managers at the Anteatery and Brandywine or via email at food@uci.edu

For up to date information pertaining to the coronavirus, please visit uci.edu/coronavirus

Sharon Stead, Director of Middle Earth Housing

Lou Gill, Director of Mesa Court Housing

Lin Tang, Director of Dining Services