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Review of COVID-19 communications

Section 1

March 23, 2020

Dear Instructors,

As we move into spring break and preparation for spring quarter, I recognize that there have been numerous communications over the last few weeks and that the landscape has also changed significantly over this period. If you would like easy access to previous emails, we have archived them on the main UCI COVID-19 site:


A few messages that may be particularly relevant include:

March 19: Update on Remote Teaching for Parents and Students

March 19: Remote Teaching Information (This focuses on undergraduate teaching. Though many of the suggestions can be applicable to graduate courses as well, please check with your Department for any graduate specific policy or procedural differences.)

March 11: Copyright information

Thank you again for all your efforts on behalf of our students.


Michael Dennin

Vice Provost of Teaching and Learning 

Dean, Division of Undergraduate Education