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UCI’s Response to New Title IX Rules

Section 1

May 8, 2020

To All Members of the UC Irvine Community:

On Wednesday, the U.S. Department of Education issued Title IX final rules mandating how universities across the country respond to complaints of sexual harassment starting in August 2020.

The University of California's policies and procedures largely comply with the final rules, and there will be system-wide discussions regarding any necessary modifications in the weeks ahead. The UC system has publicly expressed concerns about a few key provisions in the rules, including the proposed definition of sexual harassment and the regulations surrounding cross-examination in hearings.

In the UC President's statement on Wednesday, President Janet Napolitano made clear that the UC system will continue working to ensure that our response to sexual harassment and sexual violence reports is prompt and equitable, emphasizing that the University of California "remains steadfast in our commitment to our students and community and will respond to the rules with care and thoughtfulness."

At UCI, our leadership takes proactive steps to address sexual harassment and provide services and resources for those impacted. That will not change. We remain committed to ensuring that students, staff, and faculty are able to participate in their education and employment free of sexual harassment. 

If you would like additional information, a compilation of resources follows this message. Feel free to contact the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity with questions and concerns.

Thank you for your commitment and contribution to making UCI a safe and harassment-free space.

Tierney Anderson
Interim Title IX Officer
Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity

Resources and Information

  • Sexual harassment and sexual violence are prohibited by law and by university policy. All employees, unless they are specifically designated by policy as confidential employees, are Responsible Employees and are required to report such incidents to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity (OEOD). OEOD is the neutral office on UCI's campus and medical center that responds to questions, concerns, or complaints related to discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual violence and ensures compliance with state and federal law and university policy. Our policies and guidelines on sexual violence, sexual harassment, and nondiscrimination are available online. OEOD can provide guidance and consultation and resolve complaints informally, through an alternative resolution, or formally through an administrative investigation. Regardless of whether a formal complaint is filed, OEOD is able to assist with supportive and remedial measures such as changes to housing, changes to classes or work schedules, academic assistance, leaves of absence, withdrawals and extensions, financial aid assistance, Visa assistance, workplace accommodations, and providing information on University-issued "no contact orders" and "stay away orders." During limited campus operations, OEOD's services continue to be available remotely using Zoom. Reports to OEOD can be filed through the online reporting tool on OEOD's website, via email to oeod@uci.edu, or by calling (949) 824-5594.
  • In addition, confidential resources such as UCI's CARE office, continue to provide support to all students, staff, and faculty despite changes in any federal regulations. CARE advocates for the rights of survivors and supports the needs of the UCI community. CARE provides free and confidential support services to all members of the UCI community (students, staff, faculty and affiliates) affected by sexual assault, relationship abuse, family violence and/or stalking. During limited campus operations, secure and confidential CARE Advocacy services continue to be available remotely. CARE staff are able to provide updated information about changes to court schedules, forensic exams and community resources. Advocacy services may include answering questions, providing information about rights and options, supportive measures that promote safety and well-being (for example: academic, employment or housing changes), virtual accompaniment to interviews and appointments, safety planning, financial support, and referrals to other services and resources. Video and phone appointments may be made by calling the CARE office at (949) 824-7273 or by email at care@uci.edu. Additional information, as well as resources to support healing or coping, can be found at care.uci.edu and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • UCI Faculty/Staff Support Services provides free/confidential virtual individual or group consultation via Zoom and support to resolve behavioral health issues, serves as a primary crisis intervention resource to facilitate and coordinate appropriate resources, provides time-limited case management for individual employees, and develops and implements instructional training and materials to assist in the promotion of mental well-being for all faculty and staff. UCI Faculty/Staff Support Services offers support for a wide range of issues (including: work related stress, relationship/couples issues, family problems, depression, anxiety, or other emotional problems, grief and loss, alcohol, drug and other addictions), consultations and training services for faculty and staff management. You can reach Dr. Negar Shekarabi at 949-824-5208 ornshekara@uci.edu
  • Counseling Center offers free and confidential short-term and crisis counseling by licensed mental health providers to all students on an urgent basis, or by appointment. During limited campus operations, the Counseling Center is operating remotely. Referrals to off-campus psychotherapeutic and psychiatric providers are also available through the Counseling Center. To schedule routine appointments, or for urgent care or any other inquiry during business hours (Monday through Friday 8am-5pm), leave a message by calling (949) 824-6457. Your call will be returned within 2 hours during normal business hours. If you CANNOT wait two hours to be called back, please call (949) 824-6457 and select option 2 to speak with a counselor by phone. For life threatening emergencies, please call 911, call UCI Campus Police at (949) 824-5223, or go to your nearest emergency room. For urgent concerns when the Counseling Center is closed on Campus/National Holidays or weekends, call (949) 824-6457 and select option 2 to speak with a counselor by phone. You can also call the National Suicide Prevention Line at 1-800-273-8255 or text "Home" to 741741 to reach the Crisis Text Line.
  • UCIPD provides a timely response to those experiencing crimes, including sex offenses. The UC Irvine Police Department encourages the University community, including students, to immediately contact the Department by dialing 911 or (949) 824-5223 to report crimes. Please note that UCIPD can assist in referrals to other police departments in Orange County and can take courtesy reports for other police stations. The UC Irvine Police Department is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Safety escort resources are available during the limited campus operations.
  • Respondent Services Coordinator (RSC) is the designated individual on campus who can help student, staff, and faculty respondents understand their rights if they have been accused of sexual harassment or sexual violence. The Respondent Services Coordinator can explain and help navigate the investigation and adjudication processes, including accompanying respondents to meetings with the investigator, formal hearings, assist with securing interpreter/translation services, make referrals to campus and community resources, such as for psychological counseling, legal services (including help understanding and complying with protection orders), alternate housing, academic changes and other needs. Meetings are by appointment only. Phone: (949) 824-5208.