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Campus Recovery Implementation Team (CRIT) - COVID-19 - Information

Section 1

May 22, 2020

Chancellor’s Advisory Council, 

As you may have heard, UCI’s Campus Recovery Implementation Team (CRIT) has been established to help the campus community navigate the operational issues as we return to campus. The team meets daily to triage questions, review policy issues, and help coordinate the work of the various departments that are addressing COVID-19 issues.  The CRIT reports to the Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) led by Interim Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor, Hal Stern.  We are here to help you.

If you need any guidance or have questions about the campus plans, the CRIT team can be reached by email at CRIT@uci.edu or at one of the three phone numbers listed below:

  • (949) 824 – 9599
  • (949) 824 – 9699
  • (949) 824 – 9799

In addition, the CRIT will coordinate existing committee operational recommendations for approval by the Strategic Advisory Group (SAG)  If you are working on a subcommittee related to the reengagement of campus operational activities, please notify CRIT so your efforts can be coordinated.

The following individuals make up Campus Recovery Implementation Team:

  • Ronald Cortez, Chief Financial Officer and Vice Chancellor, Division of Finance and Administration – Project Sponsor
  • Grace Crvarich, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Process Improvement
  • Jennifer Aaron, Associate Vice Provost & Chief of Staff
  • Gina Anzivino, Assistant Director
  • Marianne Beckett, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Personnel
  • Jennie Brewton, Director of Creative Services
  • Kate Brigman, Executive Director
  • Rebecca Brusuelas-James, Associate Vice Chancellor, Finance
  • Mary Clark, Chief of Staff
  • Kian Colestock, Interim Chief Information Office and Associate Vice Chancellor
  • Sandra Conrrad, Assistant Director, Safety & Injury Prevention
  • Rick Coulon, Associate Vice Chancellor, DFA Campus Operations
  • Court Crowther, Assistant Dean
  • Brian Fahnestock, Special Assistant to the CFO
  • Rachel Gamby, Manager, Administrative Policies
  • Lori Husein, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Controller
  • Tony Hwang, Executive Director
  • Pamela James, Executive HR Director
  • Brice Kikuchi, Associate Vice Chancellor
  • Sheri Ledbetter, Communications Officer
  • Erica Monteabaro, Senior Associate Director
  • Bruce Morgan, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research Administration
  • Jim Pavelko, Interim Asst to the CFO and Assc VC, DFA Campus Operations
  • Hung Pham, Director, UCI Trademarks & Strategic Contracts
  • Kyle Rowen, Campus Counsel
  • Miryha Runnerstrom, Associate Director, Undergraduate Program & Associate Professor
  • Benedicte Shipley, Assistant Dean
  • John Sterritt, Executive Director
  • McKenna Reeves, Assistant Administrative Analyst

Sheefteh Khalili, Chief of Staff, VC Health Affairs Administration from UCI Health will serve as a consultant to field any requests and questions related to health issues and/or identify a resource to assist.

Thank you again for your cooperation and patience as we manage through these unprecedented times.

Ronald S. Cortez, JD, MA
Chief Financial Officer
Vice Chancellor, Division of Finance and Administration
(949) 824-0220