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COVID Financial Impact and UCI’s Workforce

Section 1

June 22, 2020

Dear colleagues:

On April 2, 2020, President Napolitano announced that there would be no COVID-19 related layoffs for all career employees through the fiscal year ending on June 30, 2020. As June 30th is quickly approaching, we thought it important to share with you what’s happening here at UCI.

We remain committed to the UCI community and our co-workers. We want to preserve the livelihoods of our co-workers to the greatest extent possible.

UCI has no current plans to lay off any employees. Normal summer curtailments and the ending of grants – which happens every year – will proceed as usual. We expect these curtailments to be temporary, and expect that our affected employees will return when the work returns. Most of these curtailments occur at our campus, as our medical center is a year-round, 24-hour operation.

Since the earliest days of the coronavirus outbreak, UCI leadership has prioritized workforce preservation, despite the adverse financial impact of the pandemic. Our strategies to preserve jobs include flat budgets, position controls, a freeze on faculty salary scales, and no merit increases for non-represented staff for the 2020-21 year – all of which limit additional expenses on the campus at a time of financial risk and uncertainty.

In the coming days and weeks, you may see additional messages about this topic from the UC Office of the President. The following UC Office of the President FAQ may be useful for you: “Facts about UC furloughs, layoffs and UC’s financial reserves” [English and Spanish].

While we remain hopeful that these modest steps will allow us to maintain the workforce, the full impact of the pandemic on UCI’s finances will be known in the fall, when the state budget is finalized and enrollment numbers are more clear. We will keep you updated as we learn more.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment and dedication to UCI. Your ability to adapt and adjust during this unexpected and trying time in our University’s history is commendable and greatly appreciated. The combined efforts of our employees over these past three months have helped us continue to serve our students, patients, colleagues and community even as we face unparalleled challenges. Together, we will weather this storm, and build a brilliant future together.


Ramona Agrela
Associate Chancellor and Chief Human Resources Executive