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Why attend UCI during a pandemic? With Vice Provost Michael Dennin

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June 22, 2020

Dear Anteater Students,

As UCI announces that it will remain remote for the upcoming fall quarter, we want to assure our current and incoming Anteaters that students who attend UCI can still enjoy the interaction, engagement and holistic experience that make UCI one of the top 10 public research universities in the nation.

Over the summer, we'll be sharing a series of video messages from the campus explaining how the UCI experience goes far beyond what happens in the classroom. While the decision to attend UCI will be difficult and deeply personal for every student, UCI encourages new and returning students to experience what it means to attend an internationally recognized public research university and engage with the researchers and leaders at the forefront of pandemic response efforts. In this message, Vice Provost Michael Dennin explains the importance of coming to UCI during a pandemic.

Video: Why attend UCI during a pandemic?

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