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UCI Health Leadership Update

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June 22, 2020

Dear colleagues,

Today marks 100 days since California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced the stay at home executive order. Since early March, UCI Health has made significant progress in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. I continue to be amazed to see all of the hard work each of you put forward every day and I’d like to reflect on a few milestones we’ve achieved in a short period of time, which would otherwise take months of planning.

  • UCI Health was the first hospital in Orange County to implement in-house COVID-19 testing – conducting nearly 23,670 diagnostic tests more than 1,650 antibody tests to date.
  • UCI Health has cared for more than 48,620 patients virtually, through telehealth platforms, and 113,730 in-person.
  • We were among the first in Orange County to have drive-up diagnostic testing available and have tested approximately 6,800 patients at one of three testing sites. The COVID-19 triage center has managed more than 8,900 COVID-19 related calls.

Our inpatient care, ancillary services and EHS teams have been magnificent in meeting and overcoming the challenges of a fluid public health crisis.

Although this has been a difficult and uncertain time, who would have imagined how far we’ve come. It is only possible because of your commitment and dedication to innovative and selfless care. Truly, UCI Health was made to lead in a crisis like this.

Please take a moment to review additional updates:

Parking at the Medical Center
Standard parking operations will resume on Wednesday, July 1. Please visit the Parking and Transportation Services Office to purchase your parking permits for the month of July if needed. If you pay for parking through payroll deductions, you do not need to do anything. We have also secured an additional parking lot shuttle which will allow all staff to continue to practice social distancing, and we will maintain our increased frequency of cleaning and disinfecting all shuttles.

Nominate UCI Health for OC Register’s Best of Orange County 2020
As Orange County continues to reopen, UCI Health will be at the forefront of health care through its consistent commitment to quality and safe care. To shine light on the amazing work that takes place each day, please take a moment to nominate UCI Health for OC Register’s Best of Orange County 2020 by June 30.

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Share Your Story 
Share a story or recognize a colleague by sending a submission through this form. We look forward to hearing about all of your heroic efforts.

All updated COVID-19 information and response efforts remain available on this dedicated SharePoint site.

COVID-19 status

  • COVID-19+ individuals (cumulative total): 846
  • COVID-19+ patients in-house: 52
  • COVID-19+ patients discharged: 217
  • COVID-19 PUIs: 0
  • COVID-19 + co-workers: 112
  • COVID-19 + co-workers returned to work: 94

PPE status

  • Regular masks: ~46 days on hand
  • N95s: ~17 days on hand

Trusted Resources
The UCI Human Resources Department has developed a coronavirus resources page that includes information about travel, telecommuting, child/elder care and more: https://hr.uci.edu/disaster-relief/corona-virus.php

Staff can contact any of the following resources with questions/concerns: 

For UCI Health staff that are working from home, Information Services has put together a site to assist you with telecommuting. Please visithttp://it.health.uci.edu/telecommuting/ for walkthroughs, help, and other tips and tricks related to telecommuting at UCI Health.

UC Health COVID-19 site
OC Health Care Agency COVID-19 updates
California Department of Public Health
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
World Health Organization


Chad T. Lefteris
CEO, UCI Health