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Advancing Equity in the Age of COVID-19 Awards

Section 1

June 30, 2020

Dear campus community,

A total of 19 faculty and resource center director proposals were funded in response to a call aiming to understand: "Are We in this Together? Advancing Equity in the Age of COVID-19." Thirteen individual and team faculty projects were funded from a total of 25 proposals totaling over $500,000 in requested funding, and six resource center projects were selected from 10 submissions that represented more than $80,000 of funding requests. All awards reflect a range of cross-disciplinary collaborations and perspectives to examine the effects of the pandemic on the UCI community, and the project leads will present on their efforts in a forum next spring. 

The awards are hosted by the Office of Inclusive Excellence Confronting Extremism Program, which seeks to forge dialogues and support inquiry and evidence-based practices aligned to campus values. More information about the program and the proposal awards may be found at: http://inclusion.uci.edu/confronting-extremism/.

The Office of Inclusive Excellence congratulates the following lead scholars and their project teams for their winning proposals.


Multiple Investigator/Research Team Projects

  • School of Biological Sciences, Pavan Kadandale (Lead) - LIFTED: Lighting the Way Forward through Education - Team members: Valerie Jenness, Keramet Reiter, Carroll Seron and Brandy Gatlin-Nash
  • School of Education, Jun Anh (Lead) - Reimagining Educational Equity and Opportunity (REEO) during the COVID-19 Pandemic - Team members: Rossella Santagata, Adriana Villavicencio, Brandy Gatlin-Nash and Elizabeth Van Es
  • Donald Bren School of Information & Computer Sciences, Rebecca Black (Lead) - Distance Based Support for HBCU and HSI Students - Team members: Gillian Hayes, Gloria Washington (Howard University), Sharnnia Artis and Lucretia Williams
  • Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing, Alison Holman (Lead) - COVID-19 Is Not an Equalizer: Examining Pandemic-related Health Disparities in a Nationally Representative Sample - Team member: DeWayne Williams
  • Program in Public Health, Alana LeBrón (Lead) - Orange County Community-Oriented Health Equity Contact Tracing (OC-CHECT) - Team members: Sora Park Tanjasiri, Salvador Zarate, Abigail Reyes, John Billimek, Cynthia Haq, Daniel Parker, Jun Wu and Bernadette Boden-Albala
  • Program in Public Health, Sora Park Tanjasiri (Lead) - Through Our Eyes, Hear Our Stories: Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities in a Time of Pandemic - Team members: Judy Tzu-Chun Wu, Thuy Vo Dang and Cevadne Lee
  • School of Social Ecology Newkirk Center for Science & Society, Simon Cole (Lead) - Documenting for Inclusion, Healing, and Policymaking: The Experience of Essential Workers in Orange County during the COVID-19 Crisis - Team members: Constance McGuire and Victoria Bredow
  • School of Social Sciences, Laura Enriquez (Lead) - COVID-19 at the UCs: Mapping Inequalities and Advancing Inclusion for UC Students with Immigrant Parents - Team members: Annie Ro, Martha Morales, Elisabet Barrios, Evelyn Sanchez and Mariel Calva

Single Investigator Projects

  • School of Education, Constance Iloh (Lead) - Exploring the COVID-19 College Realities of Low-Income Black and Latinx Students Using the Iloh Model of College-Going Decisions and Trajectories
  • School of Humanities, Adria Imada (Lead) - Surviving Pandemics: Past and Present
  • School of Social Ecology, Virginia Parks (Lead) - COVID Economic Vulnerability: Workers and Communities Most at Risk of Not Receiving Unemployment Insurance Benefits
  • School of Social Sciences, Graeme Boushey (Lead) - COVID-19 Problem Definition and Agenda-Setting in the American States
  • School of Social Sciences, William Maurer (Lead) - Facing Digital Extremism in a Pandemic: New Modules and a Digital Toolkit to Confront Disinformation


  • Center for Medical Humanities, James Kyung-Jin Lee (Lead) - Open in Emergency: Differential Unwellness within UCI Student Communities - Team Members: Amanda Swain and Karen Andrews
  • LEAD ABC (Leadership Education to Advance Diversity-African, Black and Caribbean, Candice Taylor Lucas (Lead) - Uniting the Village: Promoting Cultural Humility in the Care of African, Black and Caribbean Communities - Team Members: Terrance Mayes, Carol Major, Kaosoluchi Enendu, Alana Lebrón, Tiffany Willoughby-Herard, Oladele Ogunseitan, Jerusalem Tilahun, Dart Newby, Ifunanyachukwu Okwuosa, Leah Chase, Katelyn Wittel, Hamzah Ahmed, Kelley Butler, Isaure Hostetter, Nakia Best, John Billimek, Ursula Worsham, Alison Holman and Ama Wray
  • Office of Campus Organizations and Volunteer Programs, Darlene Esparza (Lead)- ZotCorps: Supporting Orange County Communities During COVID-19 - Team Members: Angie Keam and Marguerite Bonous-Hammarth
  • SOAR (Student Outreach and Retention) Center, Paulina Raygoza (Lead) - Gateway Scholars Early Start - Team Members: Jose Leon, Daniel Cano, Joanna Hernandez and Adeeva Myers
  • UCI CARE (Campus Assault Resources and Education), Mandy Mount (Lead) - UCI CARE Advocacy and Prevention Services during COVID-19 - Team Members: Melissa Bader-Huesgen, Kaeleigh Hayakawa, Nhi Nguyen, Nicole Leon, Elleni Conley, Rasta Bagheri and Sallie Pappas
  • UCI DREAM Center, Angela Chen (Lead) - DREAM Project Fellowship: Growing Our Roots


Douglas M. Haynes, Ph.D. (Preferred Pronouns he, him, his)
Chief Diversity Officer
Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
Professor of History