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Fall 2020 in-person undergraduate courses

Section 1

July 6, 2020

Dear UCI Undergraduate Student,

As previous messages have stated, courses for Fall 2020 will be remote with minimal exceptions. The Schedule of Classes, StudentAccess’ Study List, and WebReg have been updated with VTRL REMOTE to indicate remote courses. Check your Study List for the most current information. The list of undergraduate courses that will be in person is listed below.

School of Arts

  • DRAMA 144
  • DRAMA 177

School of Engineering:

  • Engineering Senior Design: EECS 159A; ENGRMAE 189; MSE 189A
  • CBE  140A (Lab only)
  • EECS 112L
  • EECS 160LA
  • EECS 170LA
  • ENGRMAE 93
  • ENGRMAE  107 (Lab only)
  • ENGRMAE  108 (Lab only)
  • ENGRMAE  150L
  • ENGRCEE 114
  • ENGRCEE 172

School of Nursing

  • NUR SCI 112LA
  • NUR SCI 130
  • NUR SCI 132

As the global pandemic is constantly evolving, these courses may also change to being remote based on state, county, and campus guidelines.


Elizabeth Bennett
University Registrar