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Plaza Verde Move-In Information

Section 1

September 15, 2020


Move-in day is almost here, and we are so excited to welcome you to PLAZA VERDE!  Below you will find important information regarding our enhanced move-in procedures designed to streamline the process and limit personal interaction as part of our “Be Safe. Be Smart. Do your part.” program to help our residents practice health, safety and personal responsibility during COVID-19.

Please review the following information carefully. 

Below is your assigned move-in date and designated time. 

  • (Move In Dates specific to individual, please refer to original email message)
  • Please schedule your on-campus covid19 test 30 minutes to 2 hours before your check-in appointment time (listed above).  Covid19 testing at the UCI Bren Events Center is required prior to check-in. More information below.

As a reminder, we have implemented a staggered move-in schedule that balances both the needs of individual residents and the community as a whole.  We will strive to accommodate all requests should you request a time period outside of the one you have been assigned. However, we cannot guarantee a change in move-in times due to the volume of traffic and our commitment to everyone to limit the total number of moving in at any given time and respect appropriate social distancing.
Schedule your mandatory Covid19 Test:  All residents must complete a covid19 test at the UCI Bren Events Center prior to their housing check-in appointment at Plaza Verde. Please visit the Student Health Portal (https://osh.chs.uci.edu/)  to schedule your appointment for a covid19 test with the UCI Student Health Center. For physical distancing and traffic flow purposes, please schedule your covid19 test 30 minutes to 2 hours PRIOR to your assigned Plaza Verde Check-in Time listed at the top of this email (Note: the earliest time slot for covid19 testing at the Bren Center is 8:00am).  Please schedule your covid19 testing appointment through the online portal AS SOON AS POSSIBLE – do not wait until the last minute to complete this step! Off-campus (non-UCI administered) covid19 testing results will not satisfy the university testing requirement in order to check into Plaza Verde.
For additional information regarding mandatory student testing, please visit https://uci.edu/coronavirus/students/testing.php
As part of our “Be safe. Be smart. Do your part.” program, we have outlined important steps our residents can take to help minimize the person-to-person transmission within our community.  Upon arrival at Check-In, you will be asked to acknowledge that you have reviewed this information.
We are all in this together.  You can view our COVID-19 Personal Responsibility Acknowledgement by clicking this link: COVID-19 Personal Responsibility Acknowledgment.
At check-in, we will require all of your lease paperwork to be completed and all applicable monthly installment payments received before providing you with keys to your unit.  Please remember to bring a photo I.D & a smartphone.

If you have not already done so, please make your first and second rent installment payment immediately as it was due August 1st and September 1st respectively.  You should have received an email inviting you to set up auto-payments and/or pay your first/second installment online through https://connect.studenthousing.com.  If you would prefer, you can also mail a check or money order to:

15000 Arroyo Drive
Irvine, CA 92617

If you have any questions about your lease agreement, please contact our office at 949.326.5600, or email PlazaVerde@AmericanCampus.com.
Let’s all do our part.  Please limit the additional move-in help you bring with you to two (2) people per resident and that you only bring ONE (1) vehicle at check-in.  We also strongly encourage everyone to be fully moved-in within your one-hour designated window after check-in.  This will help us to minimize delays and respect physical distancing measures. Face coverings ARE REQUIRED per current UC IRVINE policies and by local ordinance by the City of Irvine.
Please limit the number of large items you plan to bring.  This will greatly reduce the time needed to move-in and the number of trips from your vehicle to your apartment.  Your apartment will be furnished with the following items:

  • Living Room:  Sofa, coffee table, and entertainment stand
  • Bedroom:  Bed, desk, desk chair, and dresser

We encourage anyone who would like to use a cart or dolly to bring one from home for their own personal use.

* Please DO NOT send mail or packages to yourself before check-in.


  • Those who exhibit symptoms related to covid19, those who have been diagnosed with covid19, have been quarantined for potential exposure for covid19 or have been in close contact with anyone known or suspected to have tested positive for covid19 within 14 days of checking in should NOT come to the UCI campus until cleared. 
  • The university is also requiring students to sequester with their on-campus "household" (those assigned in the same unit)  from the time of check-in until 7 days after “move-in week” at the start of the Fall Quarter in September. Please note that the Community Center, Academic Success Center, outdoor courtyards, BBQ grills, and other common/public areas around Plaza Verde and the UCI campus will be closed during this time. Laundry rooms will remain open for use.  Front Desk & Duty Line assistance will continue to be available by telephone. Certain areas are planned to be reopen after the sequestration period with restrictions/limitations. Those checking-in after September 26th (the end of move-in week) must sequester for 7 days upon arrival and cannot utilize community areas during that period. More information is forthcoming.
  • The university is prohibiting gatherings of any size on-campus (both indoors and outdoors) during the Fall Quarter to help stop the spread of covid19.  Residents cannot host gatherings at their apartment as on-campus apartments may only be occupied by those assigned to the unit. Residents are encouraged to use video conferencing platforms to connect with friends and other students. These policies will be strictly enforced. 
  • Residents should have already received email instruction to participate in UCI’s “Daily Symptom Monitoring” from “UCI Support” – daily participation & reporting in this program is mandatory for all UCI students and is competed via email or through the “Now Mobile” app.  Please visit https://students.uci.edu/LWinstructions.pdf for more information.
  • Per university policies and directives, all residents will also be required to participate in weekly covid19 testing after move-in. Covid19 Testing is also required as part of the check-in process. More information regarding covid testing protocols and scheduling will be sent via email by the University. Those who exhibit covid19-related symptoms and are awaiting testing results and/or who test positive for covid19 while residing on-campus may be required by the University to temporarily relocate to a different unit for quarantine/isolation until such time they are cleared by the UCI Student Health Center to return to their originally assigned unit.
  • UCI students returning to campus will be expected to abide by the Executive Directives, which have been issued by the University in response to COVID19 (https://uci.edu/coronavirus/executive-directives/index.php). Residents not in compliance of university directives and other policies will go through the student conduct process through their housing community or through the UCI Office of Academic Integrity and Student Conduct (OAISC). All issues of non-compliance to UCI’s Executive Directives and other covid-related policies will be reported to UCI OAISC. More information regarding the student conduct process can be found on the OAISC website at https://aisc.uci.edu/.
  • University policies, procedures and other protocols pertaining to covid19 mitigation may change depending on city, county and state guidance.

*** Please remember to bring both your PHOTO ID and a SMARTPHONE at check-in.  In an effort to minimize paper-exchange, our check-in forms will be completed electronically through your personal smartphone (or similar device equipped with data connection and a camera for barcode scanning).  Prior to arrival, please download any free barcode scanning app to your phone to ensure you are able to scan QR codes.
Required Covid19 Testing:  Residents will be required to complete covid19 test/collection prior to the housing check-in process. Please report to the UCI Bren Events Center at the appointment time you selected on the UCI Student Health Patient Portal (scheduling a testing appointment should have been completed as soon as possible prior to your arrival back to campus). You may park your vehicle in the Mesa Parking Structure.  Follow the directional signs to the testing entrance.  There will also be UCI staff on-hand to guide you. Photo ID and your student ID # will be required at your covid19 check-in.  Any individuals assisting with your move-in (maximum 2 people) must wait outside or stay in the vehicle and cannot accompany you at the testing site. You will be guided through the testing process, which takes about 10 minutes. This brief video provides a preview of the self-administered covid test. Once you have completed your covid19 test, you will be provided a wristband to confirm you have completed your covid19 test. Be sure to wear your wristband at housing check-in as you will need to present it to Plaza Verde staff during the check-in process. You will then be asked to immediately remove/destroy the wristband when keys have been issued to you.
For those assigned to check-in between September 22-25th:  After you have completed your covid19 test at the UCI Bren Events Center, you may proceed to Plaza Verde (head east on Campus Drive to get to Plaza Verde from the Bren Events Center). Please make sure you wear the provided wristband from the Bren Center as proof of your covid19 test completion; you will need to present this to Plaza Verde staff during the check-in process. Our move-in will be conducted like a drive-thru at the Plaza Verde Parking Structure (PLZVPS) – please enter the parking structure from the CAMPUS DRIVE entrance (immediately after California Avenue on the right hand side). The driveway into PLZVPS from Arroyo Drive will be limited to exit only.

Please CLICK HERE to view a map of the move-in traffic flow plan.

Once you arrive, follow the signs and queue while staying in your vehicle. You will proceed to the first tent/station where a staff member will meet you to view your Photo ID, confirm completion of your covid19 test at the Bren Events Center, confirm completion of your pre-move-in paperwork, confirm rent payment submissions, and will provide you the QR code to scan using your smartphone in order access our online Check-in Form.  Once cleared, you will be directed to the next tent/station where a staff member will issue you your keys and a “Move-in Day Parking Permit” valid for 30 minutes.  Using your own personal device, you will proceed in completing the final steps of the online Check-In form on your device after which you will show the staff member the confirmation page once complete.  If you have not completed your paperwork or paid your 1st and 2nd installment, you will be directed to make the payment online through your phone or you may be directed to a different location where a staff member will assist you further which may delay your check-in.
PARKING: After check-in, you may then unload your car using one of the PLZVPS short-term parking spaces for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, vehicles must move their vehicle and park at the East Campus Parking Structure (ECPS) for long-term parking for the duration of your move-in. Plaza Verde residents may park in any unmarked yellow stall on floors 2-6 in ECPS.  Parking within the Plaza Verde Parking Structure during move-in week will be limited to check-in operations and short-term unloading. Aside from vehicles actively unloading during their check-in appointment time, PLZVPS will not be open for regular use until after move-in week.  Residents may begin parking in resident stalls (unmarked stalls) in PLZVPS on a regular basis beginning 5:00pm on Saturday, September 26, 2020.

* Please note that residents will be asked to move their vehicle from PLZVPS to ECPS during the week of September 21st in preparation for Fall Quarter Move-in Week. Due to the volume of students moving in and to maximize physical distancing during the move-in process during the week of September 21st, all check-ins and vehicle unloading of new residents will take place within PLZVPS throughout that entire week. In order to accommodate for this process, resident vehicles will not be permitted in PLZVPS that entire week. Residents may resume parking in PLZVPS after move-in week. Please plan accordingly. More information will be sent closer to the start of Fall Quarter.

ELEVATORS: When using the elevators, please limit the people in the elevator car to your direct party, or no more than two (2) people per car.  In an effort to control traffic flow/direction within the building, we ask that elevators be reserved for those who wish to go up floors (or those who require the use of an elevator). Those who wish to go down floors are asked to use one of the closest stairwells. As a reminder, incoming residents and move-in guests ARE REQUIRED to wear face coverings while on-campus.  All staff will be wearing the appropriate PPE during scheduled move-in times.
Connect with us on social media.  Our social platforms are the best way to stay up-to-date with our community both before and after move-in. 

Thank you for being a new member of our community. Your health and well-being are important to us and we will continue to do what we can to support you now and throughout the move-in process. If you would like more information on our “Be safe. Be smart. Do your part.” program, please visit our site by clicking “Be safe. Be smart. Do your part.” program, please visit our site by clicking: “Be safe. Be smart. Do your part.”  We’re all in this together!  
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our office at 949.326.5600 or email PlazaVerde@AmericanCampus.com.  We can’t wait to welcome you to your new home – you’re going love it here!
See you soon,