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Sequestration Process for Residents Moving Into Student Housing

Section 1

September 22, 2020

Dear Student,

Welcome to UCI.

To meet local and state public health requirements, you are required to self-sequester when moving oncampus. Residents in on-campus housing at UC Irvine, including ACC housing, will be sequestered in “Zot Pods” or “household groups” for at least seven days following testing and move-in.

What is Sequestration? Sequestering means minimizing in-person interactions whether in the dorms, dining facilities, or other on or off campus locations where individuals congregate or interact. Students should leave their residences only to participate in essential activities (e.g., to pick up meals or purchase food, participate in low-risk outdoor recreational activities, or obtain health care services). Sequestration is for at least seven days.

Sequestration in Your Zot Pod

Move-in typically extends from September 22-29. As soon as all members of your Zot Pod have moved in, your Resident Advisor (RA) or another housing staff member will meet online with you to review the rules for sequestering. The sequester time period begins when you move in and will extend to at least October 6, 2020.

Throughout the sequestration period:

1. Practice the three basics of COVID prevention: wear a face-covering outside of your room, maintain a physical distance of six feet or more, and frequently wash your hands.

2. Complete the Daily Symptom Check - https://students.uci.edu/daily-symptom-check.html

3. No in-person interactions with people outside of your Zot Pod. While around others in your Zot Pod/household, wear a facecovering and maintain physical distance of six feet or more. Low-risk recreational activities should be outside only (see guidelines for Permitted Activities).

4. No guests or visitors! No one is permitted in your room except you! If you live in an apartment, no one but you and your assigned apartment-mate(s) are allowed in the unit.

5. Do not leave your residence except to participate in essential activities (e.g., to pick up meals or purchase food, participate in lowrisk outdoor recreational activities, or obtain healthcare services). Please review this chart of permitted activities during sequestration before you pursue activities outside your Sequestration space.

6. No In-person gatherings. Residents are not permitted to host gatherings of any kind during sequestration. Activities sponsored by your housing community will either be online or carefully designed to conform to campus requirements listed in the Chancellor’s Executive Directive, issued on July 21, 2020.

Failure to comply with these requirements will result in disciplinary action. Some restrictions will continue beyond the sequestration period. Learn more about Student Housing COVID-related Policies and other Student Housing policies is available on the Student Housing Website.

Thank you for helping UCI work well.


Willie L. Banks Jr., Ph.D.

Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs