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Reminder: Testing Begins Today for Undergraduate On-Campus Residents

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October 5, 2020

Be sure to attend your appointment, or schedule your appointment if you haven’t done so.

COVID-19 testing for all undergraduate on-campus residents begins today, October 5 and continues through October 9. Ongoing weekly testing for all student residents resumes on October 19 until further notice.

Click here for details and more information, or visit the UCI Coronavirus Testing Website for FAQs and new information.

Here are answers to some common questions we have received:

Why did we move the site locations from outdoors to indoors?
The collections sites were moved indoors due to concerns with inclement weather such as the heat wave we are currently experiencing and the air quality caused by local wildfires. The sites will continue to have safety measures in place such as physical distancing markers, a touchless check-in process, plexiglass and physical barriers. Your appointment time is set up to minimize any overcrowding or long queues so that students can complete the process in less than 10 minutes. These plans have been vetted by the Orange County Public Health Agency.

Is there a place at the testing center where the collection can be done privately?
Every location has a private area for students to conduct the nasal swab. Just let the check in staff know you would like to use the private area.

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