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Important Housing Updates for November 6th

Section 1

November 6, 2020

Happy Friday Anteaters! 

Now that we are into the month of November, many of you are probably looking forward to the Thanksgiving weekend.  Please note these important updates regarding the Thanksgiving break:

  • Share your plans for Thanksgiving, i.e., whether you are staying or leaving, so that housing communities can plan for adequate staffing over the break. Check for an email with the Subject Line: “Important Housing Update – Thanksgiving Weekend” to find your survey link.
  • Protect both you and any family you plan to visit by continuing to follow the healthy hygiene guidelines mandated by campus authorities. The UCI Forward webpage contains multiple short videos that reinforce best practices for staying healthy and protecting others.
  • Student who leave campus for Thanksgiving and return for the end of fall quarter will be required to (1) obtain a negative COVID test in the days leading up to the break and (2) sequester for 14 days upon return. More information will be emailed next week regarding these requirements. 
  • One more To Do for November: Get your flu shot!! Effective Fall 2020, flu vaccinations will be mandatory for ALL UC students who are living, learning and/or working on campus. Compliance deadline is November 16, 2020. More information here. 

Many of us are feeling COVID-fatigue, but there is a real need to stick with proven prevention measures!  New COVID cases in Orange County are on the rise in the past week—from 3,635 on November 1st to 6,260 on November 5th.  As of this morning (11/6/20), there have been 122 positive COVID cases (44 of those are students) on the UCI campus. Aggressive contact tracing efforts coupled with swift quarantine have prevented those 44 cases from spreading through our communities, and that’s something to be grateful for! But these efforts only work if students living in our communities remain committed to doing their part. 

We can all agree that living in this pandemic is, at best, inconvenient and a real drag at times, but it’s better than the alternative of suffering from and spreading illness! And it’s better than risking Student Conduct sanctions (including interim suspension and loss of housing) that could result from ignoring health-related regulations. 

So Thank You….for continuing to follow all campus directives and Housing Policies designed to protect your health and the health of the UCI community.  Keep up the good work by continuing to:

If you have question about what activities are permitted on campus, consult this chart. 

Thank you for caring about the health of the community and for helping move UCI FORWARD.


Tim Trevan, Executive Director  
Student Housing