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ZotPass – Compliance at Brandywine & The Anteatery

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December 3, 2020

Starting Monday, December 7, 2020, students entering Brandywine and The Anteatery will be required to show a GREEN ZotPass in order to access the facility. ZotPass enforcement occurs Mon.–Fri. for breakfast and lunch only.

Anteater cartoon holding phone with green ZotPassThe ZotPass ensures student compliance with the Daily Symptom Check and the Weekly Asymptomatic Testing Requirement for campus residents.

When your Daily Symptom Check is submitted, you will receive a confirmation ZotPass showing your status for the day. The ZotPasses look like these examples:


examples of zotpasses

If you received a Red Zotpass in error, please contact the UCI Coronavirus Response Center at covid19@uci.edu or call 949-824-9918.


Submit your Daily Symptom Check first thing in the morning. In case of any errors, you can clear the issue before you start your day.

How To Be In Compliance

  • Daily Symptom Check
    Download ServiceNow (iOS | Android) or respond by email when you receive your daily symptom check email reminder. 
    • Since both dining facilities are considered to be on campus, please respond as appropriate on the daily symptom checker.

Students who are not in compliance with UCI Executive Directives may be subject to an administrative records hold and/or university disciplinary proceedings.