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Graduate and Family Housing Updates for February 5th

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February 5, 2021

Hello Housing Residents!

Here are the important reminders for Week 5 of winter quarter:

  1. Stay the course! Campus guidelines for COVID-19 prevention continue as described below. 
  1. Gatherings are having a noted impact on quarantine numbers: While positive case numbers continue to trend downward, prohibited gatherings are resulting in a large number of quarantined students, currently at 94. Students from multiple communities and Zot Pods who were in contact with a COVID-positive peer, are later showing up positive, triggering new rounds of quarantines in their respective locations. Quarantine in your room (usually for 10 days) is a required public health measure if exposed, and also an experience most students would prefer to avoid. 

  2. Bottom line--Gatherings are prohibited, even during the Big Game Sunday, Lunar New Year, and Valentine’s Day: We understand the temptation to relax your guard for a special occasion that you want to enjoy with others. But please don’t let a ‘special day’ become the day you contract or spread the virus! 
  1. No to gatherings, but yes to Zot Bubbles in Graduate and Family Housing: The “Zot Bubbles” program allows residents in Verano, Palo Verde, and Campus Village to select a small contained group of friends to "bubble" with during the pandemic. All Zot Bubble interactions must comply with the requirements identified in the Zot Bubble policy.  Residents register their Zot Bubbles through the Housing Gateway  (in the "Other Tasks" section) and will be notified via email when their Zot Bubble has been approved. If you have questions about the Zot Bubble program you can email zotbubble@uci.edu.

To stay on top of campus COVID-19 information and updates, visit the UCI Forward Coronavirus Information Hub at https://uci.edu/coronavirus/.

If you have questions regarding these updates or other COVID-19-related issues in Housing, email them to HousingCovidQuestion@uci.edu.


Tim Trevan, Executive Director
Student Housing