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Housing Updates for February 26th

Section 1

February 26, 2021

Greetings Housing Residents!

Thank you for taking a few minutes to read through these updates and for continuing to follow prescribed prevention measures that are driving COVID-19 case numbers down. It is only by persisting in those practices that we can keep numbers down and move from the current Purple Tier to red.  For now, permitted activities on campus remain as described in earlier emails. But stay tuned! We are hopeful that we will soon reach that threshold where we can expand the range of permitted activities.

One way you can help us stay on this encouraging trajectory is to share your plans for spring break in this Campus Groups survey: http://cglink.me/2eo/s43212. This will allow us to plan for staffing and services over the break. As you look at your spring break options, please consider this:

  1. Reasons to stay on campus for spring break: Public Health officials still recommend against non-essential travel. We also urge you to consider the impacts that travel could have on reversing the current declines in COVID-19 cases on campus. Students who travel over the break will be required to get a COVID test within 48 hours of their return and to sequester for 10 days, but those who stay will have no sequestering or additional testing requirement.

  2. Spring sequestration for students who travel for spring break will follow the same rules as previous sequestrations, except that the duration will be 10 days. As a reminder, during sequestration students are allowed to pick up meals, receive their weekly COVID-19 test and enjoy the outdoors in a physically distanced way. Prohibited activities include socializing with guests, attending indoor gatherings, and traveling off campus for non-essential activities. Essential activities include attending health care appointments and work. For a graphic guide to permitted activities, click here

To stay on top of campus COVID-19 information and updates, visit the UCI Forward Coronavirus Information Hub at https://uci.edu/coronavirus/.

If you have questions regarding these updates or other COVID-19-related issues in Housing, email them to HousingCovidQuestion@uci.edu.


Tim Trevan, Executive Director
Student Housing