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Important update for Unvaccinated Students

Section 1

August 27, 2021

The following message was sent to student housing contract holders who have not complied with the UC COVID-19 Vaccine Policy.

You are receiving this email because you are not yet in compliance with the UC COVID-19 Vaccine Policy. You should have received an email on 8/24/2021 from Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Willie Banks, reminding you about the University’s COVID-19 Vaccine Policy, which requires students to upload their vaccine record or vaccine exception/deferral to the Student Health Portal by September 6th. As of August 26th, our records indicate that you have not complied with the policy. I urge you to take action now to remedy this situation.

Housing assignments are scheduled to be sent to undergraduate residents on September 7th, but will NOT be sent to students who are out of compliance with the COVID-19 Vaccine Policy. (Your housing contract is still secure, but you will not get your assignment until you comply with the COVID-19 Vaccine Policy.) If you upload your vaccine information or request an exception/deferral after September 6th, your housing assignment will be emailed to you within 2 business days. Failure to comply with the COVID-19 Vaccine Policy will also result in a loss of campus privileges including, but not limited to, loss of access to the UCI’s WiFi system, a registration hold on your records for Winter 2022, and a referral for disciplinary action.

COVID-19 vaccines are readily available in the community from pharmacies, clinics and healthcare providers. Additionally, if you are currently in the area, the Student Health Center has vaccines available. To make a vaccine appointment, call SHC’s appointment line at 949-824-5304. If you start your two dose vaccine series now, due to required spacing of the doses, you will not be able to complete both doses prior to the September 6, 2021 compliance deadline, but please upload your first dose documentation to the Student Health portal. Doing so will satisfy this initial compliance requirement, but to be in full compliance you must upload your second dose documentation as soon as you are able to receive it.

The UCI Forward Website is full of helpful COVID-19-related information and resources for students, and I encourage you to start there if you have questions. You can also call Contact Tracing and Vaccination Navigation Services (CTVNS) at 949-824-2300 or email contacttracing@uci.edu. For housing-specific COVID questions email HousingCovidQuestion@uci.edu. 

Please resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Tim Trevan, Executive Director
Student Housing

If you need assistance or you are having trouble uploading your COVID-19 vaccine record, Contact Tracing and Vaccine Navigation Services (CTVNS) is available to help and can be reached at contacttracing@uci.edu or at 949.824.2300.

To request a medical exemption, religious objection, disability exception, or deferral during pregnancy, please visit this Student Health Center webpage. This page includes step-by-step directions on how to submit your request.

For questions or if you need assistance with finding a COVID-19 vaccine location near you, please call CTVNS at contacttracing@uci.edu or at 949.824.2300.

Thank you for doing your part to keep the campus community safe!