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Show Your ZotPass! Compliance with UC COVID-19 Vaccination Program Requirements

Section 1

September 14, 2021

Starting this Fall, students on campus may be asked to “Show Your ZotPass!” to ensure compliance with the UC COVID-19 Vaccination Program, the Daily Symptom Check, and applicable testing requirements.

When your Daily Symptom Check is submitted, you will receive a confirmation ZotPass showing your status for the day.The ZotPasses look like this:

You may be restricted from accessing university resources and services in addition to further disciplinary action if you are not in compliance.

How to be in compliance:

If you have not submitted your information, please do so as soon as possible.

  • Participate in Regular Asymptomatic Testing
  • Ongoing COVID-19 testing of our campus community is vital to continue to maintain a healthy environment for all of us to thrive.
  • Unvaccinated students with an approved exception, exemption or deferral must test weekly. Visit the Student Health Patient Portal to schedule your appointment.
  • Undergraduate vaccinated students who live in student housingmust test monthly. Additional instructions from Student Housing will be provided to you to schedule your appointment.
  • A random sample of vaccinated students will test on a regular basis. Please respond to an email request for your participation in the testing program.

Students who are not in compliance with university directives and the UC COVID-19 Vaccination Program may be subject to an administrative records hold and/or university disciplinary proceedings.

For more information on the ZotPass, visit: students.uci.edu/zotpass.html.

Remember to complete your Daily Symptom Check!