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ZotPass! COVID-19 Student Compliance Program

Section 1

September 16, 2021

This Fall we are implementing the ZotPass system to confirm a student’s compliance with the UC COVID-19 Vaccination Program, the Daily Symptom Check and any applicable testing requirements. 

When the student submits their Daily Symptom Check, they will receive a confirmation ZotPass by email or through the ServiceNow App showing their status for the day. The ZotPasses look like this:

Students can display their ZotPass using their mobile device. The ZotPass system can be used to restrict a student’s access to activities and programs if they are unable to produce a Green or Yellow ZotPass. If you are considering using the ZotPass system for an event or program, visit our website and review the FAQs for Faculty and Staff at students.uci.edu/zotpass.html.

Students who feel they received an incorrect ZotPass or are having problems with the system can contact the UCI Coronavirus Response Center at 949-824-9918 or email covid19@uci.edu for assistance. For questions regarding the ZotPass, please contact us at studentaffairs@uci.edu.


The Division of Student Affairs