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Campus Updates - Operations

Section 1

October 5, 2021

Dear UCI community,

We are writing to share updates on Student Affairs units that are experiencing limited operations this Fall Quarter. We are still dealing with challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic, which are mainly tied to our ability to hire and train student employees and professional staff members. Prior to the pandemic, our hiring process for student-facing services typically started in the preceding spring quarter and our recruitment efforts for student employee positions relied on word-of-mouth recruitment while students are physically on campus. This year, despite our efforts to hire months in advance, interest to work on campus did not pick up until students arrived in September. This was understandable given the concerns about returning to campus. These challenges and barriers resulted in both delays and limited operational capabilities for some of our services.


While dining and retail food operations continue to work toward full capacity, at this time, only some food locations are open due to limited professional and student staff. Updates on the status of food locations and the anticipated start dates are available at the UCI Dining Services website. We encourage students who are interested in working on campus to please apply. Campus employment offers the convenience and flexibility that students may not find working off campus.


During summer, students were informed of the limited operational capabilities of the Anteater Express for this current Fall Quarter. The Anteater Express normally operates with approximately 90 student drivers. This year, we are only capable of starting with 32 drivers. The training requirements to become a driver are extensive and due to the pandemic we were unable to hire and hold the mandatory trainings required for all bus drivers. This not only impacts our busing system, it also affects city and municipal bus lines. The Anteater Express has adjusted its schedule to reduce wait times to the extent possible given the number of available drivers. We encourage riders to check back on the Anteater Express website for updates.


The Student Center has reopened its doors for events and we are excited to assist in planning and executing meetings and special events. While we hire new student staff and train them on conference and building operations, we must limit some of our service offerings, as well as enforce a minimum ten-day lead time for all event requests. If you would like to plan an event in a venue managed by Student Center & Event Services, please submit a request via UCI Eventive. We appreciate your patience as we build up our new staff in preparation to fully serve the campus community.

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have ongoing impacts to many facets of our lives. We thank you for your patience, flexibility and understanding as we continue to work through our staffing challenges.


UCI Student Affairs