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Flu vaccination clinics on campus & upload your flu record

Section 1

November 24, 2021

Dear Anteater:

Our records indicate that you remain non-compliant with the university’s flu mandate. The COVID-19 pandemic makes it even more important that you obtain a flu vaccination in order to more fully protect yourself and the entire campus community.

As a reminder, you are required to:


    • The Student Health Center is partnering with UCI Health to expand access to flu vaccinations by increasing the number of vaccination appointments on campus. Visit the UCI Student Health Center Patient Portal to schedule an appointment at either the Student Center (Crescent Bay Rooms) or ACC Plaza Verde.
      • Note that these are the same locations as asymptomatic COVID testing. Flu appointments at these sites will be available starting on Monday, November 29. The ACC Plaza Verde location will be closed for testing and flu vaccinations effective Saturday, December 11.
    • Appointments for the flu vaccination at Student Health are currently limited. If you’re unable to secure an appointment on campus, visit this website for community vaccine resources near campus where flu shots are readily available.
    • Flu vaccinations can also be obtained on campus at UCI Health - Gottschalk Medical Plaza. Visit ucihealth.org/locations/irvine/gottschalk-medical-plaza for information.
      • Students covered by UC SHIP must request a retroactive referral from SHC Insurance Services department if you receive vaccination(s) at Gottschalk Medical Plaza or at another community clinic including any CVS “Minute Clinic”. Vaccinations received at a retail pharmacy do not require a referral.


  • To decline a flu vaccination, please download, complete and sign the UC Flu Vaccination Declination Letter and then upload it to the Student Health Patient Portal. The Declination Letter can be found on the Student Health website.
  • Students employed by the university are required to submit their flu vaccination information to the UCI Student Health Center and not to the UCI Center for Occupational and Environmental Health portal.
  • If you decline to receive the flu vaccination, you will be required to mask while on UC and UCI property through the end of the 2021-22 flu season, the date of which is unknown at this time (usually March or April). You will be required to mask even if masking requirements for COVID-19 are modified or revoked prior to the flu season end date.

For more information about the seasonal respiratory disease influenza or “flu”, please visit: this shc.uci.edu flu vaccination link and this UC news brief.

Thank you for keeping our university community safe and healthy.