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Non-compliance response procedures

Non-compliance response procedures

The following links provide guidelines on how specific groups should address face masks and other situations of non-compliance. 

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COVID-19 related campus procedures and executive directives are intended to keep the UCI community healthy by limiting the spread of COVID-19. Members of the UCI community are expected to behave in ways that respect the health of others.

UCI maintains a Coronavirus Information Hub and provides daily updates to keep the UCI community informed about the most recent relevant information, resources and guidance. Examples of executive directives calling for specific behavioral changes include those addressing face coverings and daily symptom checking

Implicit in these directives is the trust that all members of the UCI community — faculty and other academic appointees, staff, and students — will take responsibility for their own health and act in a manner that demonstrates respect and consideration for those around them. In addition, volunteer Working Well Ambassadors and Anteater Pledge Ambassadors have been trained to assist in ensuring our community members maintain a safe environment.

Notwithstanding concerns about people without face coverings, care must also be taken to not discriminate against anyone who cannot wear a face covering for disability reasons.  Qualified exceptions may be found on the FAQ about how to request an exception as a reasonable accommodation.

While it is expected that each individual will assume personal responsibility to help protect the UCI community, it is also understood that mistakes and lapses in compliance or intentional non-compliance may occur. Generally, issues with compliance should be addressed with care and understanding. The overarching goal when addressing non-compliance is to de-escalate rather than intensify a situation.  The table below lists the sample responses to incidents of non-compliance.

Possible Responses


Not Wearing a Face Covering Ask if the individual is aware that face coverings are required. If available, offer to give the individual a face covering. To get a face covering, click here. Offer to show the individual the posted signage (generally posted at the entrance to the building or department). If non-compliance continues, you may ask the person to leave or you may simply leave and inform a leader in the area. For more information regarding ongoing violations and/or egregious, intentional violations:
Not Following COVID-19 Signage Ask if the individual is aware of the posted signage. Offer to show the individual the posted signage (signage accessible for people with visual disabilities is located outside the front doors of most buildings). If non-compliance continues, you may  ask the person to leave or inform a leader in the area. For more information regarding ongoing violations and/or egregious, intentional violations:

Download Compliance Poster

Failure to comply with campus procedures and directives should drive the graduated responses above.  If the person witnessing the non-compliance does not feel comfortable with these procedures, they should solicit assistance from others who may be more equipped to address the discrepancy.

If an employee has reason to believe that a campus unit is not following its approved Return to Campus Plan or its approved Research Plan, notification with supporting evidence should be forwarded to the Campus Recovery Implementation Team (crit@uci.edu).  Demonstrated patterns of non-compliance or acute non-compliance may result in suspension of approved research / unit plans, as well as elimination of access to research/unit spaces covered by the plan, until compliance is achieved.

Venue-Specific Compliance

Certain venues or campus facilities may choose to appoint “compliance monitors” to respond to incidents of non-compliance.  These individuals should be aware of the response procedures outlined above and seek to calmly gain compliance and avoid confrontation.  Location examples include the Library, Student Center, and certain office suites. In classroom settings, the instructor should assume this role.  In residential housing, resident advisors (RA) should ensure compliance and respond as necessary.

If an interaction is escalating, please seek the nearest faculty or staff member for guidance and intervention.

If you feel that your personal safety is in immediate danger, contact campus police at 949-824-5223 or 911.