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UCI Forward is our commitment to the well-being of our community as we ramp up campus operations. Working together, each of us doing our part, we can move UCI Forward.

Returning to Campus: Units

How to return to the workplace

All unit returns to workplace must complete a checklist

As UCI continues to prepare for an in-person operation this fall, there are updates based on public health guidance changes. Previously, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) had required written COVID-19 prevention plans for each unit. The new CDPH guidance no longer requires this. However, it is replaced with a UCI COVID-19 Prevention Checklist. ALL units must complete this new 2-page check list prior to unit employees returning to work on campus this summer either full-time or hybrid remote. A signed copy must also be sent to the Campus Recovery Implementation Team at CRIT@uci.edu for record keeping. Units who previously submitted their Return-to-Campus Unit Plan (Risk Assessment Form and Protection & Monitoring Plan) to CRIT and posted them as required, should now remove those plans.  All units must complete the new UCI COVID-19 Prevention Checklist, and while posting is no longer a requirement, a signed copy should be sent to CRIT@uci.edu. One checklist is required per School or Division, but if a Dean or Vice Chancellor has delegated oversight of return-to-campus activities to other senior managers, those units  may opt to submit more than one checklist to cover those multiple areas.

UCI COVID-19 Prevention Checklist

UCI campus

Section 2

Sanitation and janitorial

As UCI conducts the phased-in return to campus, the COVID-19 Logistical Support Team is coordinating the inventory and supply process for sanitation items needed by units to meet local requirements. Units requiring cleaning supplies or disinfectants should complete the Returning to Site-Supplies needed form or email the Logistical Support Team.

Additionally, with the understanding that spikes or outbreaks of new COVID-19 infections could occur, all operations will be ready to retreat to conservative phases if safety concerns arise.

If you are a department head and have questions about how to safely return your unit to campus, please email the Campus Recovery Implementation Team at crit@uci.edu.