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Flu Vaccine Requirement

Section 1

The UC Office of the President is requiring all students, staff and faculty to receive the influenza vaccination. The executive order is an important proactive measure to reduce the potential strain on our medical centers from an influx of influenza cases amid an active COVID-19 pandemic. 

FAQs for students about the 2020-21 order

FAQs for employees about the 2020-21 order

In the Employee FAQs and Student FAQs for UCOP's Covid-19 Vaccine Policy, it is noted that the influenza vaccination will be required for the 2021-2022 academic year.


Flu shots are now required for all incoming and continuing students who are living, learning and/or working on campus. Compliance deadline is November 16, 2020. Flu vaccines must be received on or after August 1, 2020 in order to comply with this new mandate. Flu vaccinations received during the 2019-20 flu season will not be accepted toward meeting this compliance requirement. Although academic holds will not be applied for non-compliance with this flu vaccination mandate, students are strongly encouraged to comply in order to help maintain a safe and healthy campus community. 

For detailed information regarding mandatory flu vaccinations, please visit here.

Staff and Faculty

Individuals who do not certify that they have received the 2020-2021 flu vaccine or have an approved exemption or accommodation will be given until November 16, 2020, to bring themselves into compliance.  After November 16, 2020, they will not have access to university facilities. 

Employees who are working remotely (telecommuting) must receive the flu vaccine as well. If you have not received your flu vaccination and are telecommuting, you will be able to continue to work remotely. However, should you need to visit or work at any UCI or University of California site, you will not be permitted to do so without complying with the flu vaccination mandate.  

For complete program information, including program guidelines and exemption and accommodation forms, please visit here.