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May 28 - Updates on COVID-19

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Green pathway to Vista del Campo student housing

Shady pathway through Vista del Campo student housing. Photo by Ian Parker


See you on Tuesday

As UCI observes the Memorial Day holiday on Monday, May 31, the next issue of Latest Updates will return on Tuesday, June 1. Enjoy the three-day weekend!

No new campus cases*

No student residents or on-campus employees tested positive for COVID-19 on Thursday. For more information, visit the UCI COVID-19 dashboard.


The Promise Keeper

Alumna Denise To
Alumna Denise To ’95. Photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Seth Cou

Alumna Denise To ’95 leads a forensics team that helps bring home and identify the remains of America’s war dead.

Dr. Daniel Chow#IamUCI: Dr. Daniel Chow

One of the students graduating with an executive MBA from The Paul Merage School of Business this year is Dr. Daniel Chow. Here is his story:

“After spending 11 years going through medical school, an internship, residency and a fellowship, Daniel Chow, UCI assistant professor-in-residence of radiological sciences, wasn’t planning on earning another degree. He changed his mind when he learned that The Paul Merage School of Business, with its emphasis on the impact of digital technology across industries, offers an executive MBA program. ‘Artificial intelligence and advanced analytics are increasingly being applied in healthcare,’ Chow says. ‘It’s critical that we understand how to harness their power to facilitate the development of precision medicine, drug discovery and other clinical applications to empower providers, researchers and patients.’ His plans after graduation are to continue his work as co-director of UCI’s Center for Artificial Intelligence in Diagnostic Medicine and Precision Health Through Artificial Intelligence Initiative. ‘My goal is to be at the forefront of shaping the digital patient care experience in the 21st century and beyond,’ Chow says.”


Friday fun fact

Happily ever after: College degree earners marry at higher rates, report higher life satisfaction and more favorable health outcomes.


This section curates noteworthy coronavirus news, trends and opinions. No endorsement by UCI is implied. Note: Some news sites require subscriptions to read articles. The UCI Libraries offer free subscriptions to The New York TimesWall Street JournalOC Register and Washington Post for students, faculty and staff.

COVID cases and deaths in the US will fall over the next month

The U.S. CDC is predicting that COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths will fall over the next four weeks. The ensemble forecasts conclude that there will be a total of 596,000 to 606,000 COVID deaths by June 19.

Nearly half of the largest US K-12 districts will offer remote learning

Nearly half of the 101 largest school districts in the U.S. are planning to offer a fully remote option to at least some students when the 2021-22 school year begins in the fall. About a third of the districts will allow any student who wishes to take classes remotely to do so. An additional 14 districts will offer limited remote programs, either requiring school approval or a medical reason in order to qualify.

CA governor unveils $116.5 million COVID vaccine incentive plan

Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday unveiled a $116.5 million plan to incentivize more Californians to get the COVID-19 vaccine and reward those who are already vaccinated.


Amid the heartbreaking loss of life and economic hardship wrought by the coronavirus, we recognize the need for stories of kindness, hope, courage and humor.

A two-year-old from California is the youngest American to become a member of Mensa

Kashe Quest is only two but she has an IQ of 146 and her skills include naming all of the elements on the periodic table, identifying all 50 states by shape and location, learning Spanish and deciphering patterns, according to her parents.


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