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Aug. 6 - The Olympics then and now, indoor masking

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A red succulent on the UCI campus

A red succulent on the UCI campus. Photo by Ian Parker

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Today’s question is fielded by David Souleles, director of UCI’s COVID-19 Response Team:

I’m vaccinated. Why do I need to wear a mask again inside?

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, masking has proven to be an effective tool at helping to reduce the spread of the virus. This continues to be the case, even with the emergence of the delta variant, and it’s why federal and state public health officials are now recommending that all people, regardless of vaccination status, wear masks while indoors. A recent COVID-19 outbreak on the East Coast suggests that those who are fully vaccinated and become infected with the delta variant may be able to also transmit the virus — and that is the basis for the recommendation for all to mask indoors.


UCI’S 2021 staff engagement survey launches Monday

On Monday, staff will receive an email from Gallup to take the biennial staff engagement survey. The questionnaire, which should take 10 to 15 minutes to finish, is completely confidential. The results of the survey will drive program improvements that directly benefit and affect our co-workers and workplace. If you don’t receive the email from Gallup, you can access the survey here, starting Monday.


The Olympics - then and now

The first Olympics in recorded history, in 776 B.C.E., featured only one athletic competition — a 600-foot race — and the Games operated mainly as a religious festival until the modern Olympics began in 1896. How else have the Olympics changed? Zina Giannopoulou, associate professor of classics, contrasts the ancient and modern versions.


Friday fun fact

Summer session: Over three-quarters of UC undergraduates report taking summer courses at their home UC campus. 

California mandates vaccines for indoor healthcare workers, largely removing a testing option

California is now requiring all healthcare personnel who work indoors with or near patients to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, largely removing an option that let unvaccinated employees submit to regular testing instead, The New York Times reports.


‘World’s oldest’ coin factory discovered in China

National Geographic, Aug. 5
Cited: Bill Maurer, professor of anthropology and dean of the School of Social Sciences

Yes, the Pandemic Is Bad Again

The Atlantic, Aug. 6
Cited: Andrew Noymer, associate professor of public health

To Remember The Moment, Try Taking Fewer Photos

NPR, Aug. 5
Cited: Elizabeth Loftus, distinguished professor of psychological science


Henry Curi

“Covering the Olympics has been such an extraordinarily challenging yet amazing experience. This role is not about being first; it’s about being right and upholding the gold standard and integrity NBC Sports has had while covering the Games for so many decades.” – Henry Curi ’20, literary journalism, describing his role as an editorial researcher for NBC

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