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Feb. 23 - Leveraging instructor strengths, antibiotic resistance

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Two for 2/2/22: Did you see the double rainbows over the Student Center on Twosday? Photo by Steve Zylius / UCI

Two for 2/2/22: Did you see the double rainbows over the Student Center on Twosday? Photo by Steve Zylius / UCI


#DenninInsights: ‘Leveraging Instructor Strengths’

In his newest #DenninInsights post, Michael Dennin, vice provost for teaching and learning and dean of the Division of Undergraduate Education, discusses the adoption of a strength-based perspective and growth mindset for instructor professional development and teaching practices.

Antibiotic resistance: the hidden healthcare crisis

Antibiotics have all but eliminated death from such diseases as sepsis, tuberculosis and cholera, but their overuse has led to the creation of superbugs, rendering current drugs ineffective. “Like the COVID-19 pandemic, this is a shared societal problem,” says Oladele Ogunseitan, UC Presidential Chair and UCI professor of population health and disease prevention.

Live and let sloth

Koalas, some lemurs and two-toed and three-toed sloths are roughly the same size and spend the vast majority of their time doing little else than digesting their food. When they do move, it typically happens at an exceedingly slow pace. That makes Magnus Egerstedt, the Stacey Nicholas Dean of Engineering, wonder: Is there anything that we, as individuals and societies, can learn from such a deliberate approach?


Delayed treatments will likely jolt healthcare system for years

As Southern California emerges from the omicron surge of the coronavirus, health professionals across the region are facing yet another blunt reality: COVID-19’s impacts among those with unchecked underlying conditions. Because many with serious conditions continue to avoid emergency rooms out of fear of contracting the virus, some are dying unnecessarily, physicians say.


The Science of Causal and Effect: From Deep Learning to Deep Understanding
Friday, 11 a.m. (sponsored by Information and Computer Sciences)

Skillup with SOAR: Mukbang Q&A with Your Favorite Professors
Friday, noon (sponsored by Student Outreach and Retention)

Global China in an Anxious Age: Global Media & Big China Stories - from Sports & Spectacles to Crackdowns
Friday, 3 p.m., and Saturday, 9:15 a.m. (sponsored by Forum for the Academy and the Public)

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Olympic Rower Duvall Hecht Pioneered Audio Books

The Wall Street Journal, Feb. 23
Subject: Duvall Hecht, founder and former coach of UCI Rowing

The dangerous way tourism is polluting Antarctica and accelerating melting

Inverse, Feb. 22
Cited: Charles Zender, professor of Earth system science and computer science and vice chair of Earth system science graduate studies

Determining if Dementia Is Uniquely Human

Discover Magazine, Feb. 22
Cited: Elizabeth Head, professor of pathology and vice chair of research, pathology


A tweet by Mike Yassa

Darwin says, “I could have sworn I’d seen White Fang here somewhere ...” Courtesy of Twitter/@mike_yassa

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