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Understanding the Global Environment

UCI researchers are tackling some of the biggest environmental challenges of our time, increasing understanding of the human impact on climate change, global warming, and air and water pollution.

| GREEN & COOL: For the third year running, UCI made the list of the top 10 "Coolest Schools" as announced by Sierra magazine. The annual ranking salutes U.S. colleges and universities that help solve climate problems, make significant efforts to operate sustainably, and help prepare the next generation of leaders in this arena.

| 70: The miles-per-gallon equivalent that drivers of hydrogen-powered cars can get when they fill up with converted sewage waste at the first such fueling station in California, engineered by UCI's National Fuel Cell Research Center

Spearheading New Technologies

UCI benefits society and stimulates economic development with innovative approaches to information technology that integrate academic research with industry expertise. Researchers are using nanotechnology and computing power to address vital issues, including healthcare, communications and national security.

| .01: The percentage of solid material in a resilient micro-lattice metal designed by UCI mechanical & aerospace engineer Lorenzo Valdevit and colleagues at HRL Laboratories and Caltech. Comprising 99.99 percent air, the hollow metal mesh is 100 times lighter than Styrofoam yet structurally robust.

| 2010: The South American fire season studied by James Randerson, Chancellor's Professor of Earth system science, and Yang Chen, assistant project scientist, to perfect a system that uses ocean temperature changes to predict forest fire danger.

Making Sense of Our World

UCI researchers are examining a broad array of current issues, from understanding the intricacies of human language, law and public health to exploring the nuances of social interaction, politics and global conflict.

| BRILLIANT 10: The company of young scientists named in 2012 byPopular Science that includes Deva Ramanan, associate professor of computer science and a rising star in computer vision.

| 50: Oral histories collected by students in "The Vietnamese American Experience," a course in the School of Humanities designed to document the experiences of Southern California refugees from the conflict in Vietnam