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Making a Local Impact

Through a multitude of public service projects, arts programs, off-campus lectures, legal aid initiatives, wellness clinics, youth outreach efforts and community partnerships – to name but a few – UCI demonstrates its commitment to engaging with and improving the surrounding community.


UCI is the place in America to pursue the most future-focused opportunities to improve human health and well-being. Beyond new cures, we are challenging the paradigm to create a sea change in healthcare: from episodic treatment of illness to dramatically enhancing well-being for life. Leveraging the strength of the entirety of UCI’s academic enterprise, we will redefine how new medical breakthroughs are discovered; how personalized, compassionate healthcare is taught; how patients are treated; and how communities are empowered for mental and physical health.

Addressing grand challenges through collaborative research

Since its founding in 1965, UCI has been built on an ethos of interdisciplinary collaboration.
Researchers from every part of UCI are working together to address the most pressing challenges
facing humanity, from energy and the environment to lifesaving advances in biomedicine.


UCI is writing the prescription that will reshape healthcare for the 21st century. As part of the Susan and Henry Samueli College of Health Sciences, the school will approach patient health holistically, conducting research and educating students on the entire continuum from drug discovery to clinical practice.

Tackling climate change

UCI Solved the Ozone Problem. We will Stop at Nothing to Tackle Climate Change. Last year, the New York Times Editorial Board used research from UCI as the primary example of how scientific discovery can create transformative outcomes. When chemistry professor Sherry Rowland and his postdoc Mario Molina showed that chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) deplete ozone they helped to launch a campaign that literally saved the world. Following their discovery, several changes in policy took effect in the U.S. and in 1987 the world agreed on the Montreal Protocol, a global arrangement to protect the stratospheric ozone layer by phasing out the production and consumption of ozone-depleting substances. Fast forward to 2019 — the ozone hole was the smallest on record since its discovery.

This inspirational UCI success story continues to shape the university today. Among our top priorities is to provide solutions to the problem of climate change, an effort that unites our world-class climate scientists, chemists, biologists, engineers, humanities scholars and social scientists as we explore bold ideas in fusion energy, carbon capture and policy implications and more.

A hub of innovation and entrepreneurship

Rising from a dusty ranch in an undeveloped, sparsely populated area of early Orange County, UCI has become a regional mecca for knowledge, discovery and health.

The first faculty, students and staff who arrived on the rolling coastal hills of the nascent campus had a pioneering spirit and an adventurous embrace of innovation, befitting of the new land. The pioneering, can-do spirit that transformed the remote ranch more than five decades ago still remains ingrained in the culture. UCI is determined to find cures, solve problems and constantly raise the bar, stopping at nothing to build a brighter future Orange County and the world.

Leading the way in AI

UCI researchers are working on what matters to all of us: saving the planet; securing data privacy; solving the mysteries of the brain, learning and memory; living longer, happier lives; and making our region one of the most prosperous global innovation hubs. With UCI's talent and enterprise adding billions to the economy, Orange County has become a high-performing ecosystem of medical device, computer gaming, cybersecurity and other high-tech firms that continue to have tremendous economic impact on our region, our state and our world.